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Before Pictures

A note before viewing - 

I never really kept track of my weight, other than to note that it was always getting higher, so I have no clue what I weighed when each picture was taken. But they will show give you a fairly good idea of how my body has changed over the last few years. 

* * *

This picture was taken in late winter of 2001, in my dorm room sophomore year of college. I'm on the left, with my roommate's best friend, who was visiting for the weekend. My roommate took the picture because we were both purple-shirt-wearing redheads, I guess. I was actually in not too bad of shape here, because I didn't have a car on campus and my friends and I walked absolutely everywhere.

On a visit to my cousin, Jill, summer of 2001...I think. She took this shot in the front yard of her cabin.
I don't know if I was purposely trying to look like a tourist or not, but I think it works.
I remember her saying, "Now that's a great picture" when she sent it to me. Ha!

I can't stand this picture, mostly because being heavy looks a hundred times worse when sitting down.
My friend Katie took this picture on our spring break senior year of college, March of 2003. Quite a change, huh? 
Starting my junior year, I acquired a car at school, and that was when all exercise stopped completely. 

Viennese Ball, April 2003. I loved that dress and remember feeling so gorgeous...until these pictures came back. Next to Katie, I look huge, (mind, I'm about five inches taller than she is) but what bothers me more is that I look totally shapeless, when she looks so feminine and curvaceous.

* * *

Well, that was fun. How about heading back to Constant Vigilance?